Students Entering Grades 3-5

2021 Verification Form - Due Friday, September 17th

Verify your child's summer learning activities by completing this form and your child will be invited to a celebration hosted by the school principal at the beginning of the new school year.

Summer Learning Activities

Read every day!

Decorate a journal and write about your summer fun and the books you are reading.

Interview someone. Prepare questions and write the answers in your journal.

Write out the daily weather report and become your family’s weather forecaster.

Compare and contrast 2 sports. Which is the best and why?

Tell time together. Compare a digital clock to an analog clock.

While you are cooking, use recipes to find fractions (¼ teaspoon salt). Work together to double and half the recipes.

Help your child learn to divide by evenly sharing toys, food, and money.

Teach your child to count coins and make change.

Learn about recycling and participate in your community.

Experiment with water: record the evaporation of water in an open jar.

Practice math facts. (Grade 3: Addition and subtraction of single digit numbers; Grades 4-5: multiplication and division facts)